Customer Letters

Customer Letters


Hello Master Moran
I love the keychain you have designed.
I am a martial artist and have been looking for a type of Manriki weapon I can carry.
Your keychain is perfect.
I would like the Super Sharp Shooter in Black.
I live in Australia, I have looked at the US postal service link and they can ship it in a prepaid envelope for US
Please let me know if this is ok.
Let me know the payment details and I will send you my address.
Warm Regards
Master Moran,Just received your sharp shooter, or rather my sharp shooter keychains. Love it, and I’m very impressed. Being a user/dabbler of Nuncahku I’m right at home with the keychain. I’ve also been a practitioner of Wing Chun for the past 6 years, which is another passion of mine. I’m so impressed ordered a couple more for friends and family.Many thanks,



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